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Discovering the untapped power of the mind

Here are my notes (brief in point form) from an interview (fascinating) with Clyde Brolin


by “just another get in the flow/zone addict/junkie”


In the Zone - Clyde Brolin




Knowing HOW to get in the Zone is a very powerful aid.

Achieving amazing levels of performance – peak.

Getting “in the state of flow”.

It’s “the ultimate nirvana”, a “dream performance” – a result of years of perfecting a skill, when thinking stops and everything comes ‘flooding out’ in a moment of pure performance. It feels effortless as time slows down, stops – automatic, letting it all happen. Legends can get in the zone when required, but it’s not limited to athletes. You can get in the zone, the flow, when the world is watching… but it takes practice (lots of it).

This state is not limited to athletes (though with them it’s measurable), feels like time is stopping – role of the subconscious mind can “kick in” in all sorts of fields, as with musicians and artists …at all levels. A state. You are then silencing the conscious mind and putting it to one side – subconscious. Clearing out all thoughts. Then giving it “full reign” – letting the subsconscious flow. Still the conscious mind. “All goes into the imaginary bag and you’ve got to get it all out (in 20 secs).”

– Olympic gymnast, Nadia Comaneci (who achieved a “perfect 10”).

It’s a performance at the subconscious level. You are then performing at the limit (ultimate) you are capable of. The perfect performance is nearly always a subconscious one – “the monkey mind” stops us performing.

Occurs only whenever you try anything out of the ordinary.

“Are you sure you really want this?”

Techniques for elite athletes

* meditation

* music … to calm the mind

UK yachtsman Ben Ainsley wants to be angry to perform at his best.

Top performers silence everything – nothing can interrupt their focus. Doesn’t just happen – they work at it. meditation, centering to silence the conscious mind.

the role of goals

All great champions start out as dreamers. Don’t just take them casually. They keep going with their dreams. Break them down into smaller dreams – never lost sight of the level of the bigger dream, “taking swimming to a new level” (US Olympic champion swimmer, Michael Phelps). Rower, Steve Redgrave – pictured winning in his mind (ie visualisation)


Jessica Ennis-Hill (British athlete) was calm in the stadium – just went through the visualisation- had done it all in the mind many times. Jessica lived the moment in her mind. David Hemery – visualised himself into failure. Block it out – get it back under control. See yourself doing it.

Felix Baumgartner (who jumped from a baloon) visualised repeatedly. Took 5 years of planning. He visualised the jump continually 1000 times. So the actual jump was no different to the visualisation- was exactly the same  All are masters at the process – just takes lots of practice.  They don’t take it lightly. Very important tool

Visualising years in advance.  World land-speed record holder (broke speed of sound on land), Andy Green. It’s a matter of visualising the processes you have to go . All fits together.

Visualisation works.


Elite sportspeople all take it to the next level. They don’t focus on outcomes (ie. winning) so much, but on the process.  Focus on the dream scenario. David Hemery. Visualised himself into failure. Block out what you don’t want to happen. Expect the best but prepare for the worst. See  yourself getting back on track and putting things right, when things don’t go according to plan.

Self Talk overlaps with “the monkey mind” (inner negative self talk) enables people to get in the zone

Ali used “I am the greatest” talk to get into the zone. “The will is greater than the skill.” Writing it down impacts into the subsconscious mind. Convince ourselves – has an amazing effect.

We all have an inner dialogue – it’s a matter of replacing doubts, negative dialogue/self talk with positive  self talk. Positive + rehearsal. Cathy Freeman (Australian Olympian)

wrote down goals, so becomes comfortable and managable.

“Aim at the moon and you may even hit the stars.”

– Cathy Freeman. Pressure at Sydney 2000. Top sports people want to share secrets.

South African tri-athlete and para-Olympian Pieter Du Preez has an incredible attitude.  Hit by car at 23 – broke neck, paralysed, Started on getting dressed. At first it took Pieter half an hour to put on a sock. Got it down to 2 mins. He put these principles into everyday life. Impossible targets 7 minutes. Putting these principles and mental challenges into everyday life. “We all can inspire each other…every day in everyday life.

– Pieter du Preez


Instead of dampening down other peoples dreams, we can raise them up.

Ed Moses, US Olympic hurdler who was unbeaten for 9 years , 9 months and  9 days – won 122 races in a row. Ed Moses said: “I was always in the zone.” Founded Laureas Awards.

Moses “nailed the Zone”. Finding the zone within the zone

Could’t hear crowd – only footsteps. Some see just in black and white

Still had peaks – senses become heightened – everything else disappears. The Zone begins where comfort zone disappears.

“To accomplish something BIG, you have to leave the comfort zone, break out of it to find it.” – Felix Baumgartner, jumped out of balloon

In life the comfort zone will crumble away some day. “Take a big jump by breaking out of the monkey mind”. People in the book haven’t spent much time in the comfort zone. Though there’s a huge amount of risk involved. Pain too, but it’s worth it…and they love it. There’s nothing more they’d like to do in the world. Passion and obsession mixed with purpose.They are all connected with their purpose.

Everyone can get in the zone – just different levels – you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete in a final  to get in the zone, the flow. Whatever you do.  Just let yourself go and go with it. Be passionate.

The essence is the same (in your life) as performing in front of thousands of people.  Just the level is different.

Find quality in any activity you may choose. Whether playing music or anything else. “it’s a magical state” . Keep pushing the experience.  Just “let yourself go”… fully.  In writing too (and interviewing legends, as in this book) Wonderful!

“Just nail the moment”. Amazing!

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